Our mission is to help artists break through the competitive music landscape and that starts with vocals that stands above the rest. An outstanding vocal performance combined with a great melody drives a song to the top of the charts. At Aqua Sound Studio, you’ll benefit from our 20 years of experience and expertise in coaching, recording, and detailed vocals editing. We assist our clients to achieve their highest levels of performance by guiding them with:

  • Pitch Control - Making sure the vocal isn’t sharp or flat
  • Rhythm & Flow - How the vocal interacts on the tracks rhythmic elements -
  • Enunciation - The stylistic clarity of the lyrics
  • Timbre & Tone - The sonic qualities of the vocal
  • Dynamics - Variations in the volume - loud - soft

These elements will evoke a strong emotional response in your listener when applied at the right moment in the song and will help increase your airplay, streaming counts and downloads ($$$). Therefore, having an experienced vocal producer helping you achieve is essential. Call us, we'll be glad to assist you.


Creative writing Process - What we can do for you
We can write the song for the artist.
We can co-write the song with the artist.

Instrumentals / Jingles / Soundtracks
We can compose and are familiar with many styles of music using either a traditional live instrument orchestration or programming the song, jingle or soundtrack on our digital multi-track recorder using an extensive array of high quality sound sample libraries. However, most music today is a blend of both. We feel very comfortable with any approach our clients wishes to take.

Music Programming Highlights
To achieve speed and efficiency in getting a music track up and running we have programmed instrument templates in Pro Logic that are ready to bring up in seconds. For example, if we are writing a string track our template is ready with the traditional orchestral instrument along with different articulations and dynamics.

Guitar Recording
When live guitars are needed in your production, we can provide you with a blinding array of high fidelity tones ranging from rock to ambient to funk set up in seconds. Our dedicate guitar rack houses API mic pre-amps and EQs using a Little Labs distribution network that sends the guitar signal to four different sound sources simultaneously - imagine the sound possibilities. These tones can then be blended with our Marshall amps to give your project the unique sound signature it deserves. BTW - we also have nine great guitars to choose from for additional tone varieties.

Production Tools
Our music programming DAW is Pro Logic on a MAC OSX Pro Tower housing our sample libraries. The audio recording and mixing DAW is Pro Tools HDX with 32 analogue outputs.


Our engineer has decades of experience and will apply the NECESSARY touches to your song , jingle or soundtrack to make it come alive. we also can extract the full potential of your mix through our great analogue and digital mastering gear.